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The Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Report on Employment, Wages and Contributions (QCEW) provides monthly data on employment; and quarterly total wages, taxable wages and contributions to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) System. The report is due at the BLS approximately five months after the end of the reference quarter. As a by-product of the UI Tax Accounting System, the report’s coverage is identical to that of the UI Law. QCEW data is developed for the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The QCEW report contains the universe of monthly employment and quarterly wage information by industry and county regularly available. For this reason, it evolved into a timely and accurate economic indicator. It serves as a sampling frame and employment benchmark for numerous programs at both the state and federal level. The QCEW also serves important actuarial functions for SESAs and the U.S. Employment and Training Administration. The U.S. Department of Commerce uses QCEW data as input in estimating Gross Domestic Product and Personal Income. QCEWdata can be found in the BLS annual publication Employment and Wages as well as numerous state publications and Internet VIBLSs.

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