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Department of Labor

Unemployment Insurance

Introduction & Background

Important Highlights


Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)

Experience Rating

Reimbursing Employers

Records, Reports, and Audits

Independent Contractors

Localized and Non-Localized Employment

Reciprocal Coverage

Combined Wage Claims

Interstate Claims

Benefit Payment Program

Employment Service





The unemployment compensation program in the Virgin Islands is administered by the Department of Labor / Employment Security Agency / Unemployment Insurance Service, in accordance with the provisions of the Virgin Islands Unemployment Insurance Act. The primary functions of this Agency are paying unemployment benefits to eligible unemployed workers and collecting taxes from liable employers.

This handbook (Adobe Acrobat printable format) has been prepared to provide a simplified explanation of the tax, benefit, and appeals provisions of the unemployment insurance program of the Virgin Islands. It does not take precedence over the law or regulations, and is subject to change at any time as a result of statutory amendments, regulatory revisions, court decisions, federal requirements, and Agency procedural changes.

This handbook   (Adobe Acrobat printable format) is intended to provide employers in the Virgin Islands with information necessary to protect their experience rating accounts and to inform them of their rights and responsibilities under the law.